Astrobiology Shows

Astrobiology on Big Picture Science

Many shows are entirely devoted to astrobiology-related topics, and are listed below. For other shows, specific guests talk about such topics, and links to those interviews are listed next to the programs in which they appear.

Geology is Destiny   Spacecraft Elegy

First released April 24, 2017 Spacecraft give their all in the name of exploration.

Geology is Destiny   Geology is Destiny

First released January 16, 2017 How Earth's history has shaped ours.

David Grinspoon
alienstheevidenceMED   Skeptic Check: Aliens - The Evidence

First released November 14, 2016 Make your best case.

asteroidmed   Asteroids!

First released September 5, 2016 Weighing the risks.

cratergoodmed   The Crater Good

First released February 29, 2016 Back to the moon.

100percentinvisiblemed   100% Invisible

First released February 8, 2016 Cosmic Wonders

cosmicconundramed   Cosmic Conundra

First released December 7, 2015 What's going on?

martianmadnessmed   Martian Madness

First released October 5, 2015 How to survive on a hostile, alien world.

Hiddenhistorymed   Dogged Pursuit of Pluto

First released July 6, 2015 Ready for its close up.

Itsallrelativemed   It's All Relative

First released Jun. 15, 2015 How Einstein changed our understanding of Nature.

Jeffrey Bennett 1 Jeffrey Bennett 2
Hiddenhistorymed   Hidden History

First released Mar. 30, 2015 Reinterpreting the past.

David Morrison Peter Ward
Marsstruckmed   Mars-Struck

First released Mar. 9, 2015 Red Planet-Bound.

Alfonso Davila Stephen Brecht
Meinmeaslesmed   Skeptic Check: The Me in Measles

First released March 2, 2015 Evaluating risk.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Survivingtheanthropocenemed   Surviving the Anthropocene

First released Feb. 23, 2015 The planet we made.

David Grinspoon
Howtotalktoaliensmed   How to Talk to Aliens

First released Jan. 12, 2015 Broadcasting to space.

Shockingideasmed   Shocking Ideas

First released December 15, 2014 Novel uses for electricity.

Jeff Gralnick
Landontherun2med   Land on the Run

First released September 29, 2014 A moving story of plates.

Simon Kattenhorn
Isittruemed   Skeptic Check: Is It True?

First released September 15, 2014 Plausible scientific claims.

Lynn Rothschild David Morrison
Suddenchangeinplanetsmed   A Sudden Change in Planets

First released September 8, 2014 From 9 to 900

Stellarjobmed   A Stellar Job

First released July 21, 2014 The science of star power.

Nathalie Cabrol
Skepticcheckcheckingtheskepticsmed   Skeptic Check: Check the Skeptics

First released June 16, 2014. When can we trust science?

Marcelo Gleiser
Hopeforlifeinspacemed   A New Hope for Life In Space

First released June 2, 2014. New discoveries.

Wecanrebuilditmed   We Can Rebuild It

First released May 19, 2014 What goes down must come up.

Lewis Dartnell
Whatweworrymed   Skeptic Check: What, We Worry?

First released May 5, 2014 Scientific hand-wringing.

Elisa Quintana Seth Shostak
Youthinkyouresmartmed   You Think; You're So Smart

First released March 17,2014 Brains not required.

Laurance Doyle
Somelikeitcoldmed   Some Like It Cold

First released December 16, 2013 How low can we go?

Pascal Lee
Shuttingdownsciencemed   Shutting Down Science

First released October 28, 2013 When public funds become problematic.

Jill Mikucki Max Bernstein
Lifeinspacemed   Life in Space

First released October 7, 2013 Can we find it?

Invisibleworldsmed   Invisible Worlds

First released September 23, 2013 What you can’t see.

David Morrison
Longlivelongevitymed2   Long Live Longevity

First released July 29, 2013 The science of sticking around.

Frank Drake
Exoplanets1med   Exoplanets

First released Jun. 17, 2013 The hunt for new worlds.

Thislandisislandmed2   This Land Is Island First released June 10, 2013 We are not alone Guy Consolmagno & Margaret Race
Hostileclimatemed   Skeptic Check: Hostile Climate First released May 20, 2013
Climate change denial re-dux.
Peter Ward
Sethswinecellarmed   Seth's Wine Cellar First released April 8, 2013
What will we find?
Jonathan Fortney Sanjoy Som
Ourtastelessshowmed   Our Tasteless Show First released March 11, 2013
Evolution of taste and smell
Niki Parenteau
Saylaviemed   Say La Vie First released February 11, 2013
Discovery in an Antarctic lake.
Helen Amanda Fricker and Jill Mickuki Chris McKay Interview 1 Chris McKay Interview 2 Jack Szostak Interview
Astheworldsturnmed   As the Worlds Turn First released October 15, 2012 Exotic travel destinations.
Martiancuriositymed   A Martian Curiosity First released August 13, 2012 We dig the Red Planet.
Sethsstormsheltermed   Seth's Storm Shelter First released June 25, 2012 John Spencer
Masstransitsmed   Mass Transits First released May 28, 2012 David Grinspoon Jon Jenkins
Toearthandbackmed   To Earth and Back First released May 21, 2012 Planetary protection
Cabinetofwondersmed   Seth's Cabinet of Wonders First released March 12, 2012 What will we find? Neil deGrasse Tyson
Rifewithlifemed   Rife with Life First released February 27, 2012
A solar system tour.
Sensorsensibilityweb   Sensor Sensibility First released December 19, 2011
Tiny devices everywhere.
Blameitonbacterioweb   Blame it on Bacterio First released November 14, 2011 Microbes and you.
Nasaorwhatweb   NASA or What? First released November 7, 2011 The future of space exploration.
Sethstoolshedmed   Seth's Tool Shed First released September 5, 2011 Life on worlds both real and imaginary.
Thebigpicturemed   The Big Picture First released July 11, 2011 Science’s biggest questions.
Bigreallybigmed   Big, Really Big First released April 18, 2011 Outsized astronomy.
Outtathisworldmed   Outta This World First released February 14, 2011 Planet hunting gone wild.
Youvegotsolmed   You've Got Sol! First released January 17, 2011 Our Sun, the star.
Offtothetracesmed   Off to the Traces First released October 21, 2010 Detecting life from afar.
Planets2med   Light, the Universe, and Everything

First released September 6, 2010. How it came to be.

Habitatmed-europa   Habitats Not For Humanity First released April 19, 2010 E.T.’s zone home.
Carbonenthusiasmmed   Carbon Your Enthusiasm First released November 23, 2009 Life’s friendliest element.
Marstoinfinitymed   From Mars to Eternity First released August 1, 2008 The discovery of water on Mars.
Youvebeenslimedmed   You've Been Slimed! First released March 16, 2008 Schmooze with the ooze.
Sputnikmed   Sputnik: 50 Years, One Month, Two Weeks Later First released December 10, 2007 Space post-Sputnik.
Handmicrobemed   Hand Me Microbe (and Slippers) First released October 8, 2007 The teeming world of microbes.