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Climate Conversation Nov 23, 2015
Climate Conversation
Meeting in Paris
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The Paris climate talks are scheduled to go ahead despite the terrorist attacks, and attendees hope to sign an international agreement on climate change.  A BBC reporter covering the meetings tells us what we can expect from the conference.

Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet Nov 16, 2015
Skeptic Check: Paleo Diet
Eating like a caveman.
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ENCORE  What’s for dinner? Meat, acorns, tubers, and fruit. Followers of the Paleo diet say we should eat what our ancestors ate 10,000 years ago, when our genes were perfectly in synch with the environment.

Thinking About Thinking Nov 09, 2015
Thinking About Thinking
It’s not what you thought.
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Congratulations, you have a big brain.  Evolution was good to Homo sapiens.  But make some room on the dais.  Research shows that other animals, such as crows, may not look smart, but can solve complex problems. 

Going All to Species Nov 02, 2015
Going All to Species
Unearthing Homo naledi
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Meet your new relatives.   The fossilized bones of Homo naledi are unique for their sheer number, but they may also be fill a special slot in our ancestry: the first of our genus Homo.   Sporting modern hands and feet but only a tiny brain, this creature may link us and our ape-like ancestors.  

Skeptic Check: Check the Skeptics Oct 26, 2015
Skeptic Check: Check the Skeptics
When can we trust science?
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ENCORE  One day, coffee is good for you; the next, it’s not. And it seems that everything you eat is linked to cancer, according to research. But scientific studies are not always accurate. Insufficient data, biased measurements, or a faulty analysis can trip them up. And that’s why scientists are always skeptical.