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Musical Universe Jul 25, 2016
Musical Universe
Sounds of silence.
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In space, no one can hear you scream, but, using the right instruments, scientists can pick up all types of cosmic vibrations – the sort we can turn into sound.  After a decade of listening, LIGO, a billion-dollar physics experiment, has detected gravitational waves caused by the collision of massive black holes, a brief shaking of spacetime tha

Raising the Minimum Age Jul 18, 2016
Raising the Minimum Age
How far can technology take us?
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ENCORE  We all try to fight it: the inexorable march of time. The fountain of youth doesn’t exist, and all those wrinkle creams can’t help. But modern science is giving us new weapons in the fight against aging. So how far are we willing to go?

Microbes: Resistance is Futile Jul 11, 2016
Microbes: Resistance is Futile
You are your microbiome.
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ENCORE  You are what you eat. Whether you dine on kimchi, carnitas, or corn dogs determines which microbes live in your stomach. And gut microbes make up only part of your total microbiome.

Science Fiction True Jul 04, 2016
Science Fiction True
Becoming reality?
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ENCORE  Don’t believe everything you see on TV or the movies. Science fiction is just a guide to how our future might unfold. It can be misleading, as anyone who yearns for a flying car can tell you. And yet, sometimes fantasy becomes fact. Think of the prototype cellphones in Star Trek.

Skeptic Check: The Me in Measles Jun 27, 2016
Skeptic Check: The Me in Measles
Evaluating risk.
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ENCORE  Wondering whether to vaccinate your children? The decision can feel like a shot in the dark if you don’t know how to evaluate risk. Find out why all of us succumb to the reasoning pitfalls of cognitive and omission bias, whether we’re saying no to vaccines or getting a tan on the beach.