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Adam Savage May 23, 2016
Skeptic Check: Busting Myths with Adam Savage
But is it science?
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Can an opera singer’s voice really shatter glass?  Can you give your car a rocket-assisted boost and survive the test drive?  How do you protect yourself from a shark attack?   Those are among the many intriguing questions and urban legends tested by the MythBusters team in front of the camera.

Science Fiction May 16, 2016
Science Fiction
Why it works.
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No one knows what the future will bring, but science fiction authors are willing to take a stab at imagining it.  We take our own stab at imagining them imagining it.  Find out why the genre of science fiction is more than a trippy ride through a bizarre, hi-tech world, but a way to assess and vote on our possible shared future. 

Shocking Ideas May 09, 2016
Shocking Ideas
Novel uses for electricity.
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ENCORE  Electricity is so 19th century. Most of the uses for it were established by the 1920s. So there’s nothing innovative left to do, right? That’s not the opinion of the Nobel committee that awarded its 2014 physics prize to scientists who invented the blue LED.

Living Computers May 02, 2016
Living Computers
Erasing the line between biology and technology.
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ENCORE  It’s the most dramatic technical development of recent times: Teams of people working for decades to produce a slow-motion revolution we call computing.

Skeptic Check: Your Inner Lab Coat Apr 25, 2016
Skeptic Check: Your Inner Lab Coat
Think like a scientist.
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ENCORE  Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a science degree, yet he thinks rationally – like a scientist. You can too! Learn the secrets of being irritatingly logical from the most famous sleuth on Baker Street.